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The South Shore Rowing Center is the Midwest's Premiere Recreational Rowing Destination!

Classes, Tours & Rowing Club

Classes are offered by reservation every Saturday 8:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. from June through September. Sessions run with 1-4 rowers per instructor. Private lessons can be arranged.

Pre and post stretching, full season conditioning, prehab or rehab and performance nutrition information is available.

The lessons use a group exercise format and part to whole training to create a natural progression of steps to provide a positive first experience. Lessons are success oriented.

Programs require phone pre-qualification and registration by mailing a signed reservation request. Confirmation is made by a return phone call. Prices include equipment shuttle, all equipment, instructor or guide and nutrition snacks.

Download registration form [ click here ]

Registration and Pre-Payment is Required
(prices are per person, sales tax is extra)

Rowing Lessons (no experience) Total
Lesson only (8:00-12:00 Saturdays) $99
1 Day (lesson/practice row) $169
2 Day (lesson/practice row/1 outing) $249
3 Day (lesson/practice row/2 outing) $329
Rowing Camps (choice of 12 routes) Total
1/2 Day (Saturday/1 row) $69
1 Day (arrive Fri.-depart Sun./2 row) $99
2 Day (arrive Thu.-depart Sun./3 row) $169
3 Day (arrive Wed.-depart Sun./4 row) $249
Rowing Club (Sunday P.M.) Total
1 Lesson/practice and 3 outings $150
5 outings (lesson pre-req) $150
Unlimited outings (annual) $35/mo
Boat Club (1/3 fractional ownership) Total
New shell (3 years w/$400 down payment) $45/mo
Used shell (3 years w/$200 down payment) $35/mo
Focus Reset Retreat Total
1 Day (arrive Fri.-depart Sun.) $169
2 Day (arrive Thu.-depart Sun.) $249
3 Day (arrive Wed.-depart Sun.) $329
Focus Wellness and Performance Total
Focus Program (4 options) $600
Health Assurance Program (1 year) $99/mo
Focus Consult/Pre-Qualification $100
Body Fat Assessment w/Consult $35

All Rowers meet at the Thompsons West End Park
(meet at the big wooden fish by the boat docks)
SSRC reserves the right to cancel any outing
due to existing or potential safety risk.

Registration Form is located at RecRowing.com
Reservations Friday P.M., Saturday A.M., Sunday Afternoon and P.M.

RecRowing.com RecRowing.com

RecRowing™ Alden

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